I think very serious biographies should be left on websites. I like to keep things less formal with some added whimsy on my blog. Chances are if you made it to this page, you are interested in my art, learning, teaching, making a purchase or you’re creative yourself.

I was an art student at the prestigious ceramics school, Alfred University, in upstate New York, when I first realized that painting was suddenly not nearly as interesting to me as ceramic sculpture. With my hands I was able to express and create painterly surfaces by manipulating clay with my fingers and layer low-fire glazes in a way that made me swoon.

One of my favorite artists, Lisa Orr, had the most candy-like illustrious surfaces and I still use some of her glazes today. I also include some ooey gooey runny glazes that grow sweet little crystals that look like glitter in the sun. It’s important that my work is all mine. So, I make all my slip and glazes myself from recipes I’ve had in my arsenal since I can remember.

After graduation in 1999, I moved back to Tulsa, Oklahoma, my former stomping grounds. After five years of teaching community college students, I decided to go to grad school at the University of Tulsa, where I met and made connections with other artists that have lasted through all my moves and transitions.

Ceramics people, you see, are a very communal art crew. Working side by side in a studio setting really gets the tractor cranking. We make our best friends and best art together. No matter how many years have passed, we still support each other.

I moved to Florida and did an art residency and had a great job at a museum. Well, working at any non-profit has its budget cuts and low times and I moved back to Oklahoma. I’ve held many titles in my career: Teaching Artist, Museum Curator, Programming Director, Executive Director, Professor and Workshop Leader. It occurred to me, that I never wanted to really be just one thing, but learn an entire whirlwind of art related jobs. They are all very related and take a creative business mind to solve all kinds of quandaries! Every day is different and each day at my jobs I knew I was helping others. It was important for me to have a job with meaning that contributed to the quality of the community.

I still reside in Oklahoma working in my home studio, teaching and selling my work in Oklahoma City and Tulsa galleries. I have five pet chickens named, Violet, Nuggy, Adelaide, Eleanor and, of course, Henrietta (she is the boss). I share an orange long-haired Tabby Cat named, Cheeto, with my fiancé. We have a large garden and would like a small urban farm someday that is completely sustainable.

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  1. I just came across your page and think you have really great ideas and all the properties of fun and creativity that need to be shared with communities. If I’m ever in Ardmore again I hope to come across your studio and be able to chat with you. Its a small town but I always seem to get lost going in circles, funny I lived in the SF Bay Area (all over) and get around there just fine but Ardmore confuses me. I can find the motorcycle trails, lake Murray, Two frogs and the breakfast spot I took my dad last fathers day. I guess the rest is always a blur because I am sun and funned out from lake time with family.

    The part below filled itself in (I am no longer a part of the place called SAUCED although it is a part of me). SAUCED was the largest mixed media arts project I ever created. It involved architecture, welding, sculpting, murals, woodwork, carpentry, food art, design, photography, music, the art of business, marketing, advertising, movement integration, and making great pizza, plus much more. My partner sold it while I was hospitalized. SAUCED was an extension of me, now it is a corporate food institution trying to pretend they are me. Your page filled in the info below as saucedpizza. . . I am no longer that, although, I own all the IP still and am going to sue the pants of them someday here soon when I have approval from my advisors and counsel. A new project is underway, anyway. . . I ramble. I like your story from 2010 about christmas in the hood as I call it or trash-picking.


    • I apologize for just now replying. I have been really slacking in my blogging duties, I am about 6 stories behind. After a new friend told me he showed my work on this blog to a cultural center that now wants me to teach a workshop, I realized how outdated this is. Yikes! I am on it starting tonight!


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